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Mandingo Tic-Tac-Toe (A.K.A.) Robert B. (Born January 30, 569) is a preacher, tattoo artist, and Columbian porn star who is almost universally hated by anybody he goes near. Single handedly, he has directly or indirectly caused the deaths of several important figures, as well as started several major wars within the North American continent; at one point, this earned him the position of Eternal Emperor of the Southrons, but he was quickly removed from the position when his arch nemesis, William Marshall, stuffed him into a golfbag on orders from Baron Stamkos, who was angry at Mandingo for spying on him while in the bath (Stamkos was in the bath, not Mandingo).


Early Life

Robert Booker (Columbian: Rōbárt Böcár) was born on January 30, 569 in Lynchburg, Columbia, the son of an Angelicist priest and a tailor. Though he was quick to learn how to use a whip, he did not fully learn how to speak until age 13, when he found a pre-Deluge Playboy magazine under his dad's corpse (he had just been crushed by a large ox) - the magazine's theme: "Dirty Words, and Clean Ones Too!"

At age 14, he joined the Columbian Royal Fighter's League (RFL), a highly renown guild of jousters, duelists, and tournament knights. However, he joined the woman's division in hopes of "finding true love".

Mandingo struggled with his relationship with his step father - also an Angelicist priest - often having disputes over whether or not it was an act of defiance towards God to participate in combat sports. Curiously, his step dad was on the side of combat sports being perfectly pious, and Mandingo just wanted something to argue about because the whole thing was actually a ploy to sharpen his debate skills. While he succeeded in becoming a persuasive speaker, he did get kicked out of the house, and his step father tried multiple times to kill him.

Homeless and impoverished, Mandingo eventually settled on living with his girlfriend, Anna, who was 38 at the time; Mandingo was just turning 15.

Anna provided Mandingo with a maternal guardianship in exchange for Mandingo's employment in the Pancolumbian Sex Ring, which was actually a sort of carnival that ran in a large circular formation around the massive Columbian region of Sex. He served at the carnival as a prostitute.