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The Brazilian-Columbian War was a short-lived war between the Empire of Brazil and the Kingdom of Columbia. The war began on December 15 620 when a Columbian Man-o-War, the RCS Thelema, fired upon the Brazilian colony of Novo Brasilia on the island of Cuba. War was officially declared when this news reached the Brazilian capital in January 621. The Imperial Brazilian Navy engaged the Columbian Royal Navy in multiple engagements in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean. The most notable of these engagements was the Battle of the Outer Banks of April 621 in which the Brazilian Navy succeeded in the destruction of the Columbian Navy. With the Columbian Navy destroyed, the Brazilians were able to invade the Delmarva Peninsula, which was fully occupied after the defeat of the Columbian Army in the Battle of Salisbury on May 5.

The Treaty of Cambridge was signed on June 24, 621 officially ceding the Delmarva Peninsula to Brazil, and forbidding Columbia from establishing settlements in the Caribbean.


After the Treaty of Cambridge, James II of Columbia abdicated the throne to his eldest son Fritigern.